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Is it really worth all the money to modify a brand new 70K+ Ford F150 Raptor truck to make it "drive better"?

That's a loaded question every time it gets asked, now let me ask you this, is the person your asking giving you a honest answer or giving you the "we make the most on this product line", so YES it will make it "drive better"

This is what I have learned since the 2017 Gen 2 Ford F150 Raptor has been out, it all depends on the driver, What do you as a driver expect from the truck after the modifications, why do you want to do them, did a friend just do the same thing or advise you to do the same thing? These days there are many outlets for information on what to do to your ride the hard part is sifting through the info. For example,

2017 Ford F150 Raptor - Ford's Dedication to Off-Road Market

The 2017 Gen 2 Ford F150 Raptor is a perfect example of Ford's dedication to baja and the off-road market by producing a top of the line luxury truck that has actually had real world testing, Ford has made a major investment to make the truck ride like Lincoln on and off-road to appeal to the masses. Out of the box the Raptor is everything that most of the owners could have imagined, but for the rest let the modifications begin!

One of the 1st things to be addressed on the Raptor is the front end altitude/attitude, and there are a few options all leading away from Ford's R&D dollars. I will say IMO all look better and drive a little worse. [but if you have had modified vehicles then you already knew that] now just because I said drive a little worse doesn't mean it won't ride better when it gets in its natural environment of the dirt.