I'm thinking about buying the bed rug (sides and bottom). I already have a folding bed cover (I think it's the 'bak flip' brand, re-branded as Ford and sold by the dealer) and I also have the gate gasket to keep dust, etc from entering via the bottom and side gaps of the tailgate. My question is, if you have the bed rug AND the gate gasket, did you have to remove the bottom piece of the gasket? Looking at the bed rug, it looks like some of the material would need to drop into that gap between the bed and the bottom of the tailgate as you close the tailgate. Is that the case? I'm thinking the tailgate wouldn't shut right with both the gasket there and the material from the bed rug, if the material really does drop into that area when you close the tailgate. I could remove that part of the gasket if needed. The bed rug looks really nice and I want one :-)