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This is a discussion on Snake Tunes within the F150 Ecoboost Electronics forums, part of the F150 Ecoboost Garage category; Not to be snobby or anything, but a recording with a microphone, even a good one, wouldn't capture the "stage" because you'd be hearing the ...

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Thread: Snake Tunes

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    Not to be snobby or anything, but a recording with a microphone, even a good one, wouldn't capture the "stage" because you'd be hearing the recording "off-stage", if you know what I mean.

    Or put another way, it's not the clarity or accuracy of the music that makes this specific system that special. In fact, accuracy and clarity aren't that difficult to acquire. Clean amps, clean/clear speakers, and decent source material are going to sound great no matter what.

    What's most amazing about a great Soundstage is how the designer knows and overcomes the obstacles of deployment in a vehicle and then uses technology and techniques to succeed at it.

    Sitting in the driver's seat, all the music arrives at my ears from somewhere out on the hood of the truck. It's an aureal phenomenon using timing (delays) to trick the senses. An example is the 8" mid base drivers are in the front doors. You KNOW this in your brain! But you don't hear anything in that frequency range coming from the doors. In fact, you can stare at those door grills and still not identify any sound coming from them. Absolutely astonishing to hear those notes coming from the direction of the hood, like the instruments were located on a stage directly in front of you.

    Your brain also knows that sub is behind you. You SEE it under the seat. But you SWEAR that beautiful and intense low note is somehow blended into that same frontal stage.

    Let's just say seeing sure as heck ain't believing.

    You know, I remember checking in a few times on the day before I got the truck back and Adam would say "Chris is still in your truck". I'd peak out in the shop and he's sitting with his eyes closed for a bit, then open them and look down at his laptop(?) and then make setting changes to the Masconi Sound processor. Or some similar work flow. All this being based on distances they measured from my heads location with my seat set where I most like it.

    Crazy stuff. Art + Science

    I'm just the lucky consumer. One year later and 24,000 miles of listening, I have zero regrets.

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    I get yah.

    Plus I would be limited to what my speakers capabilities are.
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