Strange noise while braking

Strange noise while braking

This is a discussion on Strange noise while braking within the F150 Ecoboost Problems forums, part of the F150 Ecoboost Forum category; I'm hoping somebody else has experienced the same problem or something similar. A few weeks ago I was laid off and decided to do some ...

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    Strange noise while braking

    I'm hoping somebody else has experienced the same problem or something similar. A few weeks ago I was laid off and decided to do some shrub removal. I put a chain around the bush and hook up to my 14 ecoboost. At first the rear tires started spinning so I put the truck in 4 high and tried again with no success so I stopped backed up a little and put the truck in 4 low. I tighten up the chain then pushed down the pedal and just started to tear up my yard so I quickly hit the brake and stopped. When I did it felt like the whole truck just started jumping up and down a little. Once that stopped I backed up and put the truck back in 2 wheel unhooked the chain. Then pulled the shrubs out from the alley. Of course I am so used to my old truck and forgot about the rear locker until after words. But anyway the real problem. I notice it more when I first out driving down the road once everything is warm I never seem to notice it. When I run about 35-40 mph then start braking (medium brake pressure) I hear a weird real low noise that I can also feel threw the floor and the pedal. Once the truck gets below 20/15 mph the noise goes away. The best way I can describe the noise is a low rubbing noise almost like something dragging on the front diff. gear or possibly the wheel speed sensor. I have looked all over the front and and don't see anything wrong. I had a buddy of mine that used be a mechanic and said it seems to him that it's coming from the rear. To me it seems like the front end either in the transfer case or front diff. I also asked the Ford mechanic that I know real well he told me next time it does it put the truck in 4 high and see if it goes away. I tried that and did go away. Has anybody ever had the same problem or know what I might have f*****d up on my new truck??? I would greatly appreciate any help.
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    If the noise goes away in 4wd, then it's probably a IWE problem. The piece that locks and unlocks your front axle shafts. Whatever side is making the noise is the side that'll need fixing. Check vacuum lines first, but chances are that you f'd it. Bring it to dealer and complain about the noise... you may get it fixed under warranty.
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