I can attest to the CAI/Exhaust ... lack of results and further, boost ... the point of it being all about the tune. Hopefully in another 16K-30K miles will be able to attest further the difference between a canned tune and one the likes of 5 star or other reputable tuner depending on if I can hold out after my B2B runs out. I only say 5-star because I'm ~a hour away from Florence and like to be able to visit/personally dyno if possible.

I put my Roush intake and exhaust on and didn't notice very much on my SOTP meter at all. It took a week or so get schedule someone to get the tune loaded between vehicles by someone at a local dealer but it definitely made a huge difference. If I had it to do over again, the $$$$ I spent on the intake/exhaust would go to a CAC and would have still likely gone with the Roush canned tune initially. Coming from V8 land, intake and exhaust were a must to see real benefits from another performance parts I started there with my EB before getting into the forums and digging around.