I am likely needing to rebuild my 6R80 here soon. When I do, I am planning on throwing the Exedy Clutch pack upgrade in it, new seals, bushings, lead frame and solenoids, and anything else that measures out incorrectly. I might just go all out and throw the billet intermediate shaft and a torque converter in it.

Does anyone here make enough power to warrant these upgrades? That being said, has anyone implemented the clutch packs and if so how much did your calibration change? I know most here mail order tunes, so I guess a better question is....with the existing calibration and the installation of the clutch pack upgrade and/or torque converter, did you run into many issues? I plan on dialing in the tune accordingly but curious how forgiving the 6R80 is to these mods considering its bandless and has more electronic control dependence than say a 4l80e.