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  1. Looking for some advise on A/T Tires

    2nd Gen F150 Ecoboost
    I am a KO/KO2 guy and well over 250K miles drive time on those tires, not one set - multiple. I have never had them flat spot, but then I generally drive my truck anywhere from 24-30K miles a year. The truck can sit for 2-3 weeks at a time on concrete. My last set, (275/55/20?) stock size of...
  2. What has PISSED you off today?

    Cracked the windshield for the second time in 3.5 years ...right now, I really despise California Roads ....
  3. What has MADE your day today

    So on my drive home today I came upon an accident that just happened. Car 1 was perpendicular to the road but up an embankment, and Car 2 was in the center divide. We stopped to help by dropping flares and ensuring any medical concerns were addressed. No one was hurt. So why did this make...
  4. What has PISSED you off today?

    Yesterday I picked up my truck from the dealership after 9 days there. I had gone in at their request to verify my concerns were resolved. They were, and since I needed to get to work, and they were slammed, nobody walked around the truck. I drove it immediately to work and parked next to a...
  5. Spray Bed Liner

    F150 Ecoboost Chat
    I have used Rhino once and Line-x more times than i can count (work trucks, trailers, my truck, friends vehicles). It took hitting the Line X with a pick axe to 'break' it. When that happened, I was a little upset with the guy who did it, but I took it to Line X (different shop) and it was...
  6. That dreaded moonroof creaking

    F150 Ecoboost Problems
    I would as well, but I am still under warranty for another 45K miles. While they fix it, taking 3 days minimum, I get a rental, a free car wash and usually the dealership comps the oil change for the inconvenience of me having to bring the truck in.
  7. That dreaded moonroof creaking

    F150 Ecoboost Problems
    I don't have a creaking sound, but do have a rattle when the sunroof is closed. It is actually in the shop for the 3rd or 4th time for this issue. Last time they pulled a couple of clips down and put felt on top of them. One time they replaced a clip that had broken. I suggested that maybe...
  8. 300,000 miles on my 2011 Eco Boost!!!

    F150 Ecoboost Chat
    72k miles and still brakes left? 200K on the front set ... WOW! My fronts were gone at 50K, my rears at 75K. Granted it is in stop and go traffic ~1.5 hours a day, tows a trailer, has weight in the bed regularly and does steep grades relatively often. The miles folks are getting out...
  9. What has MADE your day today

    I have been driving my Dark Pearl Blue Marauder the last few days as there is no baseball, field work or rain right now. I had three different compliments driving her yesterday. Not bad for a 16, almost 17 year old, car. Made me smile quite a bit ..
  10. Help with wheels

    F150 Ecoboost Wheels and Tires
    So I am not the smartest with offsets/backspacing/etc .. I have tried searching and have looked online at numerous websites, images and I still cannot figure it out. So forgive the stupid question that has been asked 1000's of times, but I am not smart enough to understand what I am looking...
  11. Panoramic sun roof

    2nd Gen F150 Ecoboost
    There is a plastic piece that lifts the sunroof, that breaks or something that holds it in place. Mine has been replaced twice under warranty in 80K miles and is going back in to replace it again. I wish someone would design away to fix this permanently while keeping the sunroof option.
  12. What has MADE your day today (part 2)

    Not F150 related ... but I got to take my 2003 Dark Pearl Blue Marauder out this weekend for a road trip with my oldest son as we travelled to and from a chess tournament. It was a great to spend some time with just him and I and then he tied for second in his class. I had a blast running...
  13. 2015 Moonroof Issues

    2nd Gen F150 Ecoboost
    I have had the rattle fixed twice now (once each side) in the 79K miles I have owned the truck. The third time was because it would not open because the plastic thingie (real name, I looked it up on the internet) was broken and jammed it. It is now rattling again ... =( They have not replaced...
  14. tilt angle before roll over

    F150 Ecoboost Chat
    Yeah, lets just say, no pics. I was pissed off at the whole event. Kicking myself for putting my 10 yo and myself in that situation. Just me, might have taken some pics, but with my son and being literally more than 20 miles out from a paved road, i was not having it. As for 30 degrees...
  15. tilt angle before roll over

    F150 Ecoboost Chat
    Hey fine folks So a weekend of off roading turned unexpectedly rock crawling when it was just my 10 year old and myself. We were following forest trails, and then there was a minor washout we could drive over -tricky but doable. Should have turned around here! Then a mile later the road...