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  1. Surprised my wife with a new truck

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    Good stuff. Great family moment. Usually wife buying truck for husband that was away. So much for the men are pigs movement.
  2. 2011-14 Real World STOCK Truck Mileage Expectations

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    Good analysis!...My experience: purchased Oct 2018 w/74k miles....2011 Lariat EB super crew, stock everything, regular on time maintenance, now 87k miles, medium lead foot and burn only regular top tier gas. Live in N Alabama. I avg about 75 - 80 mph on interstate because it wants to. 16-18 MPG...
  3. Would you feel comfortable buying a 200K ecoboost

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    Price too high....10k max.
  4. My Ecoboost story!!! (not good)

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    2011 EB with 83k miles. I does use some gas from time to time but wow is it comfortable to ride in. Worth the trade off!
  5. Why buy another Ecoboost?

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    Oh yeah. You gotta run the piss out of it every now and then blow out carbon etc. because a direct injection motor gets fouled up if you just drive gently most of the time trying to get best gas mileage. Thing is made to run!
  6. High five

    New to forum. Purchased 2011 f150 lariat EB last July 80k miles. Cherry condition. Wife's idea to get a truck. Love it. 1st truck. Was always SUVs and minivans. This thing is a great road beast. Long trips no more sore back.