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  1. Exploring next mod options

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Yup, he informed me of such....I will slowly retreat back into my hole and not come out for another 6+ months..... :(
  2. Exploring next mod options

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Mike are you using Tapatalk? All of his specifics are listed in his signature?
  3. Wet Floorboard

    F150 Ecoboost Maintenance
    With all of this recent rain that you've been getting, have you checked to see if your your windows are rolled up? That's where I'd start if I were you. ;)
  4. August 2019 TOTM Entries

    All New F150 of the Month
    Since August is over halfway complete, we'll go with @snakebitten suggestion and go with an August theme of "Show us your sexy ASSessories (truck bed and /or rear end shot)" This can include tonneau covers, bed caps, utility boxes, bed dividers, cargo management systems, etc. :)
  5. The Official "I love this song these days"

    Another band that I discovered recently. Been listening to them, non-stop, for three days now. :)
  6. July TOTM contest

    All New F150 of the Month
    I am back. I may not be able to live on here for 10 hours a day like I used to, but I should be posting more often now. :) But yes, I seem to remember you leaving the country and staying gone for an eternity. The falafel couldn't have been THAT good????
  7. July TOTM contest

    All New F150 of the Month
    Sorry FUHL. I have been sooooooo crazy busy at work. The promotion I gained was essentially three months behind for both positions. I spent the last 8 weeks working from 5:30am until 5:00pm (and working through lunches) to get caught up......but I succeeded and may have impressed a few folks...
  8. Vote for July 2019 Truck of the Month

    All New F150 of the Month
    @meaz93 @Boostking @Sirikenewtron @milesej05 @FightinCow @J-Winship @FUHL @ptown @Noblest @EcoXLT
  9. What did you do to your truck today?

    2015 Ford F150 Ecoboost Chat
    I fell in love with my truck, all over again! This weekend, I met my mom in Eastern Arkansas (Forrest City) to drop the kids off to spend with them in Tennessee for a couple of weeks. Saturday, on the way to AR, I was heading into a minimal head wind, but drafted behind the semi's and maintained...
  10. Most bang for your buck - stock replacement intercooler?

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Dude hasn't posted since late 2015 and then goes right back on his anti-ecoboost tirade the last few days. Makes me wonder what happened that he felt the need to log on and continue his angst again, after 4 years? Boredom?
  11. The Tremor returns for 2020!

    Gang, I merged the two "same-topic" threads since they were in two different sub-forums. ;)
  12. !New Random Picture You Took Thread!

    This is an actual photo of my son when I tell him to hurry up or we'll be late......
  13. Misfire

    F150 Ecoboost Problems
    Before spending any more money, double check your newly installed plugs. They are quite easy to crack the insulators which would create a misfire. If all plugs look good, then carefully inspect the OEM plug boots...unless the MSD coils came with new boots already.
  14. The Tremor returns for 2020!

    Hmmmmm...SO ford has recycled the "Tremor" badging twice now? The first time Tremor appeared, it was used as a stereo upgrade package for the Ranger Then it was recycled as a speed/track performance package on the F150 Now, it's being recycled again as an extreme off-road package for the F250/350
  15. July TOTM contest

    All New F150 of the Month
    For anyone else you can do that....but not "The Noob Slayer". He's deserves all of the friendly ribbing that we can muster. :)
  16. July TOTM contest

    All New F150 of the Month
    Sheesh Eric...I bet you used to color outside the lines too! That parking job is atrocious. :p
  17. Paint problem

    With your situation of being friends with the kids dad, I would attempt to wash it off (as your son is already doing), then lightly hit it with some rubbing compound. If it still doesn't fix it, then approach the dad. I would think that he would appreciate you making a couple of attempts to...
  18. Crazy automotive pictures

    That is a bonafide "Mowercycle". LOL
  19. What has MADE your day today (part 2)

    I finally received a very nice promotion at work. The past 7 years I have been severely under-utilized and underpaid...that's about to change. They have combined three different positions for me to handle (somehow they think I can do it ;)) but the pay is going to be on par with it too and I am...
  20. Welcome to all the New Members (Please Read):

    Eric, I made this thread a 'sticky' so that it will appear at the very top of the introductions sub-forum. ;)
1-20 of 389 Results