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  1. 2nd Gen F150 Ecoboost
    New to the whole turbo scene, but of course I know alittle, 30 yr hobby of motor sports. Learning process for me with my 2015 F150 3.5l ecoboost. When I bought the truck you could hear the BOV, was pretty loud. After further inspection and some YouTube videos i seen the previous owner had did...
  2. 2nd Gen F150 Ecoboost
    Hi Guys, New to Ford and went out last week and bought a 2015 F150 3.5L 6V ECOBOOST. love the truck, seems to have great power, Looks great, has awesome room in the back seat. Anyway, I think I made a smart move and got a great truck, I was rolling around on the ground looking at...
1-2 of 2 Results