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  1. F150 Ecoboost Lighting
    Hey everyone, I searched and didn’t see this asked so if it was my bad. I have a 2019 F150 STX and just installed the Alpharex Pro with jet black housing. My issue is the DRL’s sometimes work, sometimes don’t and sometimes only one side works. I ordered these from Stage 3 Motorsports and they...
  2. F150 Ecoboost Lighting
    We (and by we, I mean John) installed a set of AlphaRex Nova Series Headlights for 2018-2020 F150s onto his very own 2019 F150 King of the Desert Project Truck. Unfortunately, we don't have an install video because our Johnny Boy is extremely anal-retentive about anyone touching the wiring on...
1-2 of 2 Results