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  1. 2nd Gen F150 Ecoboost
    My 2018 F-150 ecoboost started smoking at startup at about 28-30K miles. It now has 40,000 and the dealer, a Ford dealer tells me it is normal for this to be happening. The smoking does not happen each time the truck is started. But it happens avarious times during the day even with high outside...
  2. F150 Ecoboost Problems
    2011 FX4 with 155k miles. Had hesitation/ shuddering when getting on the freeway with no flashing or steady CEL. Removed 5* 91 perf tune and continued to monitor. Next day same issue but this time P0303 Misfire Cyl 3. Plugs were fresh and properly gapped so i switched plugs between cylinders 2...
  3. F150 Ecoboost Maintenance
    Have a used 2012 3.5 Ecoboost crew cab with 60,300 miles. Purchased 6 mos. ago with 54,000 miles. Have a 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and a 2-year/100,000-year engine warranty. I have experienced the dreaded misfire shutter and loss of power (CAC issue). I am taking the truck next week...
1-3 of 3 Results