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  1. Corsa, Borla & more Promo Code 10%+ Savings.....soundsav

    RDP Store
    The title says it all.....At RDP Store with the use of our exclusive promo code ..... soundsav ..... you can save huge on all exhaust products from Borla, Corsa, MagnaFlow, Flowmaster and Kooks Custom Headers....10%+ huge and free shipping as well, yes free shipping on all branded exhaust...
  2. Cold Air Intakes, Exhaust, Programmers and much more @ RDP Store

    RDP Store
    Here at RDP Store we don't bump just to bump the thread. WE on a daily basis upload new products everyday. So many new products to advertise individually we just can keep up. Stay tune to this thread for Daily specials on the products you may want for your ride. So don't for get to check us out...
  3. Corsa Stainless Exhaust from 2014 F-150 Limited Ecoboost 5 1/2' Bed

    Part # is 14392 , sells online for around $900 new, Single side exit with twin 4" Pro Series tips, includes all attaching hardware and instructions,this exhaust has seen no winters and is 2 years old in excellent shape, great sound not real loud and no drone inside truck, this is an OEM Quality...
  4. Corsa Muffler for sale

    I'm offering to sell a Corsa Muffler for $400, (buyer pays for shipping). I had it attached onto my 2015 F150 3.5L v6 Ecoboost for under 500 miles. I swapped out just the muffler for a Carven so I'm offering just the Corsa muffler, no Corsa tips. Here is a video I uploaded of how it sounds...
  5. 2015 Ford F150 3.5L V6 Build | Special Corsa Xtreme Exhaust Offer

    F150 Ecoboost Builds
    Hello fellow Ecoboost enthusiasts, My name is Justin and I'm brand spankin new to this forum. I hope to learn a lot here as well as share my thoughts and experiences with my new truck. First I'll list everything my truck has and then list off things I want to add on in the near future. My...