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leveling kit

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    Could use some advice if any of you have messed with tire size on your truck. I have a 2.5" leveling kit on but still factory 20" wheels with factory size tires. What size can you fit without rub/ modification etc using factory rims and with the 2.5" leveling on front?
  2. F150 Ecoboost Wheels and Tires
    Vehicle: 2011 F150 3.5l Ecoboost XLT 2wd I currently have stock 18 inch wheels, I am installing a 2 inch leveling kit soon. Whats the max tire size i can fit without rubbing?
  3. F150 Ecoboost Suspension
    I'm in the market for a lift but I want something more than a 2.5". Does anyone know that if I got 5100s now and set them to 2" if I could later get a 1 or 2" block? I'm going to get new UCAs but I'm thinking the CV angles will be too wack. Am I correct or can you level/lift a 4x4 3 inches...
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    Some advise from people who have a moment, please! Thanks in advance! Looking to get 325/50R22 (Yokohama Parada Spec, overall d. 34.7" - or something similar, I'm up for suggestions), but was wondering what I will need to make them fit; I'm hoping to put them on my original rims (22's) after...
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    I have seen countless comments on tire size for a leveled truck. Most people running 33x12.5 on a leveled rig. 275/70r18 is a 33.2" tire and I'll be honest, they look like doughnuts. Now the width of the tire can play a role in how the tires look. I'm going to make the jump... 35x12.5r18 General...
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    2 kawell led back up lights. They are wired to a switch under the dash and to the reverse lights so I can turn it on at anytime as well as automatically when I back up. limitedu 2 led strips under the rails for my undercover flex bed cover wired to a 3 way switch. The switch gets power from...
  7. F150 Ecoboost Suspension
    What are your thoughts? I have heard that typically these two dont go well together. I am installing a 2" leveling kit and putting some 275/65/R18 Toyo MT's on this weekend and am wondering if I will be at higher risk of damaging the front suspension by doing boosted launches in 4-HI. Im not...