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  1. My first F150

    Hi all, I got my first F150 month ago, picture attached. So far I really like it. Currently I am doing my search for tire chains. I am going on a hunting trip in few weeks and need some chains. There are stock Hankook DynaPro 20" M+S tires that are not great but I've heard have decent...
  2. First time forum poster long time Ford owner!

    Guess since I've been having some questions about things to upgrade / add to my truck, thought this would be a great first place to start. First truck - 85 F100 Single cab XL V8 Second truck - 2006 F150 single cab XL V6 Third truck - 2008 F150 Supercrew XLT V8 Forth truck - 2013 F150 Supercrew...