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  1. Turbo upgrade 3.5

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    I was thinking about ordering the BorgWarner EFR 7163 Turbo it’s a .83 mm twin turbo of course. I have a afe cai super chip tune and an mbrp exhaust. Is there anything I would need to change for these to not blow my engine up?
  2. Just got a 2018 3.5l - what mods?

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Hey all, First time poster here. Just picked up a 2018 3.5l ecoboost with 13,000 miles on it. I don't have a ton of spare spending cash right now, but I would love to hear your input on what mods/improvements I should make to ensure a long lasting, clean running engine. I already plan on...
  3. Deal Of The Day!

    5 Star Tuning
    DEAL of the Day! We have smoking deal for anyone with a 2015-2016 F150 3.5L Ecoboost . Buy a set of upgraded Borla / borg warner turbos from us at $1995.00 . We will install and dyno for FREE! We only have one set to offer at this price and this kind of deal ! IF you are interested call in and...
  4. South Florida Ecoboost Tuners

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Looking for SF ecoboost tuners that are familiar with the SCT system. Anyone have experience with any particular shop in South Florida? (Apologize if this has already been covered did not see anything on my first search):confused:
  5. which would be better

    F150 Ecoboost Purchasing
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and not sure how to operate my way around on here yet. This might have been asked a lot, if so sorry for the repeat. I currently own a 13 Ecoboost and looking to upgrade to a newer model as mine is getting to rack up miles. I've been looking at 15-17 ecoboost trucks...
  6. Rigid Lights at RDP Store with Amazon beating pricing.......

    RDP Store
    RDP Store will guarantee Amazon beating pricing with yes as normal free shipping for all forum members. So all you have to do is PM us today with the Rigid Industries part numbers you are interested in and I will work up a personalized quote with prices that match or are below anything you can...
  7. AFE 4" cat-back exhaust for sale

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Hey guys I have an AFE Mach force XP exhaust for 2011-2014 EB I'm looking to get rid of. I put it on and didn't like the exhaust note. Has less than 100 miles on it so it's practically brand new. Only thing is you will need to get 2 new clamps for it (non expensive) because either they suck or...
  8. The Unleashed Customer Experience

    Unleashed Tuning
    Good morning all, Recently I made the decision to try out custom tuning. I purchased a SCTX4 from the Buy/Sell/Trade forum on this site. I was dead set on only using the canned tunes on the device. I opted to use the SCT 93 Octane tune. I used it for about a month. Initially I was content with...
  9. Strategy Code for Tuner Question

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    How would y'all go about getting the strategy code? I have looked at the ECM and found a code of 'M', but that doesn't seem right... Here's a pic of the ECM: This truck is the F150 in my sig, and was bought at the end of 2014. I have no idea if the ECM was updated before I puchased the...
  10. Best 93 Performance Tune

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    I'm new to the forum and about to get a couple custom tunes. I was wondering who had the best 93 performance tune? I'm thinking LET or maybe 5 star unless anyone has a better recommendation. My main concern is throttle response. Thanks
  11. Budget Friendly Intercooler Upgrade Take the Poll and Share!

    F150 Ecoboost Chat
    Hey Everyone!!! I spoke with the folks at SSAutochromeabout coming up with an intercooler for our trucks. Many are familiar with them,they have been in the car performance scene for years. As you most-likelyalready know, aftermarket intercoolers for our truck cost anywhere from $850 towell over...
  12. JMS Boost Max

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    I installed the JMS Boost Max on my 2013 F150 Crew cab 4x4 with 3.55 rear-end. The Truck at time of Install has 2300 miles on it. My needs were simple. Much better throttle response. Power is not a problem. I contacted JMS both thru E/Mail and a Phone call for a better understanding of the...
  13. Show me your....Logs

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Didn't know this had been done, delete thread or let it die ;)
  14. Poor Mileage issue on my F150 Ecoboost - Help Please

    F150 Ecoboost Problems
    I just took ownership on a used 2011 F150 FX with Max Tow(3.73) with 19,500 miles. Bought from Ford Dealer. Before driving off the lot I reset the MPG trip as I was on a full tank. I Drove it home 205 miles (hwy). I purposely drove very conservatively with coasting and acceleration to maximize...