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  1. Anyone On Forza?????

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone would be up for some races? My gamertag is rainbowBRITE90.:cool:
  2. Forza Horizon 2 is here!!!!

    Anyone playing on Xbox One? Gamertag: rainbowBRITE90 <------For reals
  3. Official Stage3 - LET - UPR Sponsored Fantasy Racing League

    OK F150 EcoBoosters....the time has come! This is the OFFICIAL thread of the Stage3 Motorsports - Leading Edge Tuning - UPR Products - Fantasy Racing League. Thanks to these fine vendor/sponsors for making this happen. In addition to the title sponsors, we have an additional 12 sponsored...
  4. NASCAR F150 EcoBoost.net Fantasy Racing League

    So...as with my "Firearms Without Politics" thread.... I'm going to ask you guys nicely to PLEASE place your sarcastic comments on other threads. :D This thread won't appeal to 98% of you and I understand that. I will be happy to join you in being a smart$$ elsewhere.... But for the first 25...
  5. Nascar

    Ahhh....when there's no college football to watch and the weather is nice, I'm usually doing something outdoors....but when I'm not, NASCAR Sprint Cup fills the gaps for me. Even recording a race and watching it on a slow quiet week night at times. As an "old school" racing guy, I don't care...