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  1. Raptor engine swap to regular cab f150

    Ford Raptor Ecoboost Forum
    So I'm looking for a f150 single cab xl trim with the 3.5 na or the 3.3 engine for a work truck, but days ago an opportunity for a 2017 3.5 EcoBoost HO raptor engine came in... Is it too difficult to swap the raptor engine into that truck? Can the 6 speed hold the power?
  2. 3.5L Ecoboost turbo specs & upgrades

    2nd Gen F150 Ecoboost
    Can anyone provide the performance specs of the 3.5L ecoboost turbochargers? Are they the same on the various versions (325HP, 365HP, 450HP)? I want to find upgrade turbos for the 450HP Raptor engine. Are there any plug-and-play, or will it be necessary to build an adaptor to fit onto the...