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  1. F150 Ecoboost Chat
    Hey all, So 3x's now I have noticed this strong smell coming from under my hood and it also fills up the cab when you put it in park. I can't smell it while I'm driving just when I park. I have looked but can't see anything leaking. It honestly, smells just like the smell when you blow of a...
  2. F150 Ecoboost Problems
    Hello all, I have a 2013 F150 with the 3.5 ecoboost engine and I've noticed some smoke coming from the exaust manifold where the passenger side turbo connects. I am aware that this is an indication that I have an exaust leak but what could be the cause of the smoke? Could it be a failing turbo...
  3. F150 Ecoboost Chat
    Ok guys, I had a few too many beers the other night and decided to get in my new 2017 xlt screw and enjoy the great "new truck" smell. I then proceeded to spill nearly a whole bottle of beer in the drives seat next to the center console. (Don't EVER put an open beer IN your pocket, what a silly...
1-3 of 3 Results