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  1. F150 Ecoboost Problems
    Hello Friends, I purchased a used 2013 Ecoboost 3.5L 4wd back in February. Due to a sketchy dealer and a crappy local Ford Dealership, my Beautiful Big Red has been in the shop for about half the time that I’ve owned it. Here is the list of completed work VCT Phasers & Timing Chain Replaced...
  2. F150 Ecoboost Problems
    I was driving home the other night, the truck just slowed to a crawl and the big wrench popped up on the screen. After some research, i found that the throttle body went on me. I replaced the throttle body and everything seems to be fine now. I currently have 153,000 miles on the truck, and...
  3. F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Anyone swap out their stock TB for the BBK TB? I purchased the BBK Throttle Body 73MM from Stage3, on the box it 73MM throttle Body 2011-14 Mustang V6. Is this correct TB to swap out on our ecoboost, or does anyone know? I have not contacted stage3 yet just want to confirm with anyone else that...
1-3 of 3 Results