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  1. Over boost and a lack of Waste Gate Duty Cycle

    F150 Ecoboost Problems
    First a little back story. 2013 3.5, Turbo bypass solenoid has been replaced, BOV replaced, Cat less down pipes, 91 performance tune, NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT and no stored codes. My tuner says that my truck is over boosting and that their is very little WGDC. Has anyone had this issue? Anyone have...
  2. P0299 and bad turbo noise - How bad's the job?

    F150 Ecoboost Problems
    Guess it's my turn.... Never a good thing if you have to post a thread in this section, is it? ;) Passenger turbo. Makes a noise like a ball bearing rattling around in a casted hollow aluminum part... Seems an easy diagnosis (I have a Ford tech friend coming to confirm this today), how hard is...

    Looking to buy a set of used compressor housings off a set of junk or take off 3.5 turbo chargers. Only need the covers to get them machined
  4. Wastegate Actuators

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Looking to see if anyone has any feedback on this idea, I tried searching multiple forums and found nothing. Asked facebook and no one seemed educated enough on the topic to give a real response. Anyway, Just wondering if anyone has tried tightening the factory wastegate actuators to resist...
  5. Ecoboost turbo failure, looking for knowledge

    F150 Ecoboost Chat
    So, Traded my Silverado (I hated that thing) for a 2013 f150 ecoboost with 79,000 miles on it about 3 weeks ago. Test drove it for a day, loved the truck, bought the truck, thought i had crawled over every inch of the truck, next day I get home and noticed a small spot of antifreeze in my drive...
  6. Help with turbo part numbers

    F150 Ecoboost Problems
    I got a 2013 F150. Buy did the drivers side manifold swap a few months back and I now see that the waste gate arm inside the turbo housing is stuck. Wastegate works fine...just cannot move due to being seized. Want to save a few bucks and trying to figure out options in the world of used...
  7. BoostKing’s OEM+ Turbo Project

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Get comfortable, this will be a long read. You may be wondering, what are OEM+ Turbo’s and what project is BoostKing talking about? Well boys and girls, I have finally got my hands on a set of Full-Race’s BorgWarner 11-16 upgrade turbos, aka GT Turbo’s on this forum. Why did I call them OEM+...
  8. Bull Bars and EcoBoost Intercooler

    F150 Ecoboost Chat
    I just purchased a bull bar for my 2015 f150 ecoboost. I have read not to put certain bull bars on EcoBoost engines because of blocking intercooler. The bull bar I purchased has the cut outs in the front. 50% of the people say it's ok and the other 50% say no. I don't want to cause any issues...
  9. 2015 F150 Rear End Noise

    F150 Ecoboost Problems
    I have a 2015 crew cab EB f150 with 38,000 miles on it. I hear a clunking noise in the rear end when I back out and pull in driveway. It makes 2 or 3 chunks when the truck flexes. It is when the back tires hits the section of the driveway where it meets the road. Not a big transition in the...
  10. Any common turbo oil leak?

    F150 Ecoboost Problems
    Been doing my research on the EB and want one for towing our 25ft travel trailer. Found good deal on a 2012 King Ranch with 130K miles...has enough nicks and dings that it's no longer a show queen. I did note at the dealership (auction flipper so they are clueless) it has some oil under the...
  11. Developing Turbo Upgrade - Please help us create the best

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Hello Everyone I have read most of the threads in this forum and i can tell you guys will have the best opinion on what my company is trying to create so i will really appreciate your help in this (this is not an add or advertising) I have a company specialized in turbochargers and we are...
  12. Developing a Turbo Upgrade for 2011-2012 3.5l

    Hello Everyone<br> <br> I am a new member of this forum and i also own a company specialized in turbochargers, we have many turbos for the stock version of the 2011-2012 truck and we are in process of developing an upgrade to this turbo, and i have a couple of questions for the consumers if you...
  13. Developing a Turbo Upgrade for 2011-2012 3.5l

    Hello Everyone I am a new member of this forum and i also own a company specialized in turbochargers, we have many turbos for the stock version of the 2011-2012 truck and we are in process of developing an upgrade to this turbo, and i have a couple of questions for the consumers if you are kind...
  14. F150 Ecoboost Turbo Kit/Setup For Sale From Cavalli Turbo

    Here is the complete list of what's for sale, it's a killer deal for anyone wanting to go from stock to all performance bolt-ons... Please contact us direct: [email protected] 2011-2014 F150 ECOBOOST TURBOS AND COMPLETE UPGRADE KIT FOR $4800 Shipped Freight These parts are off of the...
  15. Probably the last Ford. 2014 turbo troubles.

    F150 Ecoboost Problems
    Hi All, Just trying to figure out what to do with my truck. I have a 2014 Eco that the turbos let go and took out the bottom of the engine. Main bearings gone, timing chain, timing chain guides, and so on. Looks like when the turbos failed the bits and pieces took out the engine. Truck has...
  16. Mishimoto’s 2015+ EcoBoost Intercooler R&D Superthread

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Pretty F-150’n Cool – 2015+ F-150 EcoBoost Intercooler R&D, Part 1: Factory Review Hello F150EcoBoost.net Community! I hope you all had an excellent long weekend. We are excited to announce the development of our new intercooler for the 2015+ EcoBoost trucks. This will be the place to stop and...
  17. EB to 7.3

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Can I install 7.3 powerstroke turbos on '14 EB? Is it possible? What would it take? I would like larger turbos, and would much rather take them from a salvage 7.3 or the likes then to just go out and buy all new turbos. Or is it even worth the hassle to swap them? Thanks, Matt
  18. New Guy looking for advice

    F150 Ecoboost Chat
    Thanks for having me. I just recently purchased my "New to me" 2012 F-150 Ecoboost XTR. I'm interested in finding beginner level upgrades. Can anyone tell me more about what the atmosphere vent of the waist gate does? Thanks again. -Brannon
  19. Ecoboost Buzz In Dash

    F150 Ecoboost Chat
    So I have a 2014 ecoboost that I recently purchased. A few weeks into driving around town it started to make this buzzing noise upon acceleration. It seems to only happen after a cold start (10-15 min into driving) and for a few seconds at a time. Then it just goes away for pretty much the rest...
  20. Need more whistle!!!

    F150 Ecoboost Chat
    Hey ya'll, I have a 2015 F150 2.7 FX4 F150 and the truck is so quiet I can't hear if I'm coming or going...I don't really care to get more exhaust note as the motor doesn't really produce any to begin with but I need and want LOTS OF LOUD TURBO whistle.....It is bone stock at this point besides...