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won't start

  1. SCT X4 Swapped tune now truck wont start !!URGENT!!

    F150 Ecoboost Problems
    Updated the SCT device 3 days ago before I loaded the canned tune, ran that for a few days and decided I wanted to go back to Ericks LET tune. So, I plugged it in and went about it and it seemed to load fine. An hour or so later I go to hop in and start my truck, nothing. So I panicked and...
  2. Holy Sh!t help!

    F150 Ecoboost Performance
    Ok, so I just got my Edge CS tuner today, and plugged it into my truck. I changed the tire size and gear ratio on it and then decided to go ahead and flash a program. I followed the directions on the screen but when it was finished, my truck wouldn't start. Crap. I thought about reflashing...