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1st gen Eco water pump failure

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Hey I’m new here, as in posting something for first time. I recently had my water pump go out on my 2013 150 ecoboost and I was wondering if the replacements are all the same or what exactly to be looking for when I get the replacement one. It’s also made in December, I’m not sure if that would matter for the water pump because I know it does for the va me covers. If anyone could send a link to the proper pump and gasket it would be greatly appreciated( I’m a big fan of rockauto so if it’s from there that’s a plus too). Anything helps thanks
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Hoping one of the guys will be able jump in and help.
Motorcraft pump will come with gasket… but you ll need the thermostat housing o ring, and possibly the seal for coolant pipe through timing cover. I would also replace the thermostat.
Some guys replace with AC delco that has a metal wheel instead of plastic
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