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2016 Ford F-150 XLT 2.7 Ecoboost 3.55 Axle
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Hey guys, so as you all may have seen my issues with the Turbosmart supersonic BOV, well, I had been getting tons of turbo compressor surge and delayed venting, and sometimes no venting. I had checked and rechecked everything, vacuum lines, even took the valve apart and cleaned it to make sure it was ok.
long story short, but my truck wasn’t liking something and was down on power. Thanks to @SrpRacing for helping me figure it out. I threw the stock BOV on and did a KAM reset and went to stock tune. Wow. What a difference. The truck feels faster now than when on the tune. I knew something was wrong when the trucks stock 0-60 was the same time as when tuned.
it feels a lot better now. Just wanted to throw this out there for anyone who may be having a similar issue.
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