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2+ months in, just now looking into the forum..

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I bought my f-150 Ecoboost fX4 over 2 months ago, just took it off-road for the first time on some trails. now i am super intrested in figuring out what to do with my truck next :) I have driven a honda civic for the past 7 years and it was time to get a new truck!!
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Welcome to the EcoBeast forum!

As far as mods go, you are only limited by the amount of money in your wallet. Lol

There are lots of people here with experience moding out these trucks, so dont be afraid to ask for opinions.

Welcome aboard - nice pic!
Welcome to the Site glad to see you are finally set-up right and rolling with the EcoBeast! Like SPPD mention you have tons of options to go with on your truck... Looking forward to seeing your build and from the pictures you have a amazing foundation to work with!
Throw you a level and some mud tires on there!
how much would i be lookin at for a level kit and mud tires? i am deff going to get a set of mud/seasonal tires and wheels, not sure what yet tho. My main concern is voiding the factory warranty.

Thanks for the comments!!!
I just got the Rancho quicklift loaded for the front and the rs9000xl shocks for the rear. Paid less than $500 delivered to the door and Rancho is having a promotion till the end of June if you buy this setup they will send you back a $120 visa. So for around $380 you get a 2" lift/level kit and it levels out the truck nice. In my opinion this setup rides better than the stock setup and looks much better. I believe you can get 35" tires under it with the level kit but I found a deal on some 33" Cooper ATs that I couldn't pass up. All said and done I got 3 3/4" added height to the truck.
P.S. The rancho kit will not void your warranty according to the dealership.
I did a 2" HBS leveling kit in the front. It's very well built, doesn't void warranty, and maintains factory ride quality. Best of all, it was $89.99 and still built very well.
Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing your pics!
@ 11fX4 thanks for the info!! where did you order the package at? i have been searching around online and have not been able to find a site to buy it off. Thanks in advance
I got all my stuff from rough country. I went with a 2.5 leveling kit and put 33 inch mud grapplers. No rub on factory rims.

Here is link. http://roughcountry.com/ford_f150_leveling.php

leveling kit and mud tires
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