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As the final form of our 2018 F150 Budget Build came around, we decided to drop in one of ICON's newest products for the F150s, their 2004-2020 Billet Delta Joint Upper Control Arms. The install video is now up on our YouTube Channel.

These UCAs are big, beefy, and pricey. Other than greater strength than the tubular UCAs (which are probably strong enough for 90% of anyone looking to swap UCAs), they do have adjustable heim joints and swappable spacers to let you fine-tune camber and caster. The heims also make some noise, since they're being used in place of a real bushing, which could a turn-off for a lot of folks (if the price didn't already do it).

If you think tubular or boxed UCAs aren't enough for you, then these are at least an option, and these did awesome off-road in conjunction with the Elka 2.5s we put on in place of the Falcon system.

Direct link to video.
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