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2011-14 CVF Hot side pipes install and review.

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Hello everyone,

I recently had the chance to install the CVF hot side pipes on my 2012 Ecoboost. For starters, the pipes are very high quality and much bigger in diameter throughout the pipe. They also are a much more direct path from the turbos to the intercooler. They take a lot of unneeded bends and turns out of the pipes. I really like the fit and finish of the pipes and I am very happy with them. Truck runs amazing with these installed and I recommend them. I am 93 performance unleashed tuned. Some comparison photos below. You can see the overall diameter is much bigger with the CVF pipes and they do not have a bottleneck anywhere.




Now I am very picky when installing aftermarket parts. I modify everything I own and I usually buy products that little to no modification is needed. I do not like chopping up my vehicles. The CVF pipes fit perfectly. Again, I am in no rush when I install parts so the install took me a tad longer, 2-3 hours and a couple beers, but everything fits perfectly.

My mini install guide:
On the passenger side turbo, start at the turbo. Place the pipe in there first and get it in place. You may have to pull the intake tube out of the bracket and put the pipe in its place and then put the intake tube back in the bracket. Use WD-40 on the coupler and slide it on the turbo, now put clamps over the coupler but do not tighten and then put the pipe in the coupler connected to the turbo. It will take a little bit of work to get the pipe on the coupler when it’s in place but it will slide in no problem with enough WD-40. Then go to the bottom and reuse the stock intercooler connectors. After you have the bottom connected and in place, recheck the top quickly and then tighten all clamps.

On the driver side start at the turbo again put the coupler on the turbo first, then clamps, then connect the top pipe to the turbo coupler. Putting the middle coupler on the top pipe before connecting to the turbo can help. I connected it so the mid coupler was not all the way seated into the top pipe so the lower pipe reaches the IC easily. At this point, you should have the top pipe connected to the turbo with the middle coupler connected to the top pipe.

Now insert the bottom pipe into the middle coupler connecting it to the top pipe. Use wd40. Take the stock intercooler coupler and connect it on the bottom and move it around so the pipe fits nicely in place. Now go and tighten all clamps. Before installing the engine cover back on, take a sawsaw or dremel and cut back a small amount near the oil cap so it fits perfectly in place. Very easy job to do.

Passenger side turbo


Drivers side turbo/Bottom connection/Engine cover mod(not smoothed up)



Overall, I feel my truck spools a bit faster and if you have an aftermarket IC, I think they would compliment it well.
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So did anyone confirm the ID differences in the CVF vs Stock piping? Looking at pulling the trigger on the Atlas IC….wondering about the piping to go with. If they’re bigger and can move more air I may add them to the cart :unsure:
I would agree. Even if increasing hp through “light” mods such as tuner, exhaust, and even intercooler upgrade….pipes should still move the same voume. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.
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