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I purchased my AFE cold air intake back in June and installed it on my truck. After some serious debate i have switched back to my stock intake with a K&N air filter, i just do not need the extra power. I am looking to sell it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the intake the only thing is that i have not cleaned the filters since october. I am willing to sell for $300 and you pay shipping I paid $460 shipped. I have all the parts and original packaging ready to ship.

Please send me an email at [email protected] if you are interested in this fine piece of mechanical engineering. Here is the link to where i bought it from
Cold Air Intake System Stage-2 Magnum FORCE Intake System; Stage 2 Pro 5R; Ford F-150 EcoBoost;*12-14 V6-3.5L (tt) 54-12192 - aFe Power


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