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Hey all so about two months ago I started having problems with my truck. It started with it downshifting from 6th to 5th on the freeway one night. Then the next day it would stall out at idle and show low oil pressure, hot engine temperature, wrench symbol, the odometer blank and service advancetrac. With these issues coming up my truck wouldn’t start half the time and became impossible to drive due to it cutting out at random. So to cut to the main story I had it towed to the dealership, they did the recall for the transmission and about a day later same issues popped up. After some time at the dealership they diagnosed it as a bad pcm. They seemed convinced that this was the problem and with me having a busy schedule at the moment, I had them replace the pcm.

About 500 miles after that I had the same issues pop up. According to the dealership the tech left a relay loose and reflashed my truck. Now I have driven my truck 3,000 miles since then before issues popped up again. I was driving on the freeway and service advancetrac came on several times along with traction control turning off. This caused the tires to lock up several times before I could pull off to the side. Once I pulled off to the side the same exact issues popped up. Low oil pressure, hot engine, service advancetrac, wrench symbol, and a blank odometer. Unable to start the truck I had it towed to the dealership. They have a warranty on their work so I’m waiting to see what is wrong.

But at this point I’m looking for any insights as to what is causing this. I also haven’t had the lead frame replaced yet, so I was thinking maybe that was causing this issue possibly. Supposedly the tech couldn't find a short in the harness to the pcm. So basically I’m at the point where I’ll let them take care of their end regarding my pcm replacement. And when I get the truck back, I’m going to go over it with any suggestions that are thrown my way.

Sorry for the long post, this has been a frustrating ordeal, and at this point I’ve lost all confidence in this truck or at least the dealership. Any help would be appreciated.
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