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Just thought I would try and post a "how-to" for installing a rear view camera on our trucks. I really like the emblem cameras on our trucks. but since I didn't want to shell out $300 I opted to spend $40 on Amazon for a camera and monitor. Here is the camera I bought and here is the 3.5" display. I went off of the reviews and both products had decent reviews(I know, you get what you pay for). The end result is that I have a better view of the back end and am happy with the results for now. In the future I would like to get the emblem camera and maybe a larger display...but at least when that time comes I should be able to just unplug this camera and plug the new one into the same connector. Anyways, it took a few hours to install due to trying to make the wiring look clean and having to run to the store since I needed some more supplies(I swear every project I do I have to make at least 2-3 trips to Menards). Total cost of supplies and parts was about $75-80. If you have any questions or want another picture of something let me know, I'll try to be as descriptive as I can be. My initial mounting spot I didn't like and ended up moving the camera. For some reason I didn't realize that the camera I bought is intended to be mounted with the post vertical, not horizontal like I mounted it in the handle...the result was I the display was upside down with the guide lines and I had to flip my display to view it correctly...that led me to change my mounting location.

Parts Needed
Camera (your choice)
Monitor/Display (again, your choice)
Power and ground wire (I used red for power, black for ground, 16 gauge stranded)
Wire loom (optional, but doesn't hurt to protect your cables from the elements)
Electrical Tape
Wiring connectors (butt splice, male/female, solder/heat shrink, your choice)
10mm socket
#30 Torx bit
Wire strippers/crimpers
Utility knife
Zip ties
Drill and 1/4" drill bit (if mounting in the tailgate handle)
Wire hanger for "assisting" in running wires

The camera and monitor

Step 1- Decide where you want to mount your camera. I initially mounted the camera in the tailgate handle, but moved it to below the bumper today. You can see the handle before.

Step 2- Open your tailgate and you will remove the 8-#30 torx screws that hold the cover over your handle.

Step 3 - Remove the 2 10mm nuts that hold your handle on your tailgate.

Step 4 - Drill 1/4" hole in your desired location on the handle. I basically just eye-balled where I wanted the camera and it turned out OK. I drilled through the front of the handle, and then had to trim a little plastic in the back to allow the washer to sit flush.

Step 5 - Optional, but I wire-loomed all the wiring. I also taped all connections just in case, as I noticed there was alot of road dirt/grime under the body of the truck.

Step 6
- Use the hanger and run the hanger through the hole in the bottom of your tailgate into the hole behind your door handle. I don't know for certain if all years have it, but my truck had a hole in the bottom of the tailgate and a hole going through the bed to allow for easy wire routing. Once you get the hanger through, tape your wires to the hanger and pull it back through to run the wires through the tailgate.

Step 7
- Pull your wiring through the tailgate and through the hole in the body.

Step 8
- This is where I chose to get my power from. This is the reverse light power wire for the trailer adapter(the middle wire-Gray with a black stripe). You can connect to this any way that you choose, I chose to just use a simple tap...I then taped/covered it.

Step 9 - Connect your ground. I used a clip near the bumper. I just roughed up the surface with some sandpaper and it worked out well. Connect the wires as you see fit. I used red because this was before I went to Menards for the second trip and got black wiring. I used black from the rear of the truck to the front to make it easier to know which was which in the cab.

Step 10 - I didn't take pictures of this part, but I put wire loom and taped all connections, and ran the RCA, power, and ground to the front of the cab. I followed some existing wiring around the frame, gas tank, and then into the truck.

Step 11 - There is a small rubber grommet that you can run the wiring into the cab. In the cab you can find this on the rear driver's side floor panel. Just pull it up by hand and it will come up. Cut the grommet to allow the cables to pass and then cover the wiring again. This is the view from the inside and then the outside.

Step 12 - Run the cable along the tray of the wiring that is in the door sill. My wiring wouldn't fit inside the tray but went around just fine. Pull the B pillar plastic away at the bottom by hand to give you some room to pass the cables up to the driver's door. Then run the wiring in the wiring tray underneath the green tape. Since I decided to use the power and ground that I used for the camera for the monitor, in the front tray is where I made my connections for the monitor.


Step 13- Pop off the plastic trim around the parking brake release and then the side of the dash. Both come off by hand with a little bit of force. At this point you can connect your video cable from the camera to the monitor. The red power cable I ran from the monitor to the connections in the driver's door sill.(the cable was about 4' long and had a red and black wire in it, and it was a super tiny gauge wire) I chose to put my monitor on a cell phone holder on the left side of the dash. You can put it wherever you like, this allowed for a pretty clean run of the wires so they are not out in the open.
Step 14 - Test the camera out. My camera and monitor come on automatically when you put the truck in reverse, and off when I get out of reverse. If everything works right, then just reinstall all the trim and cover all your wires. As you can see the camera is meant to be mounted one way, so I had to flip the display to show the view I wanted. This makes the lines useless and bugged me. As you can see, it looks like this truck puts out NO light in reverse. I was barely able to see when I put my foot on the brake. Not sure if the camera was rated as a "night vision" camera if that would produce a better image. This one is not, I figured the reverse lights should be enough. I am considering mounting a small 6 LED bar under the bumper for more light. The second picture is where I moved the camera to. I just removed the clip that was in that spot on the bumper and put the camera through it. It was a perfect fit. I now have the camera aimed a little bit more towards the passenger side so I can see that corner when backing.


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This is a great write up. Very thorough

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Sorry had some issues with the pictures and you beat me to it. To sum it up, this is just one way to do it. The end result is an OK setup that allows me to get a little better view of what's behind me. You certainly can spend more money and get a much better quality set up, but I'm happy for now. Eventually I think I'll get the emblem camera, as I did like being able to see my bumper to give me a little bit of a reference. Right now I can use the lines and the red line is about 6" off of my bumper, so that works. Any questions let me know, hopefully this helps someone in the future.
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