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Hello all. It’s been forever since I posted. I got a
OPT7 60" Redline LED Tailgate Light Bar - TriCore LED - Weatherproof Rigid Aluminum No-Drill Install - Full Featured Reverse Running Brake Turn Signal - 2yr Warranty. I have the tailgate step. I was gonna tackle this last Saturday but it was 10 degrees so I want to this Saturday. There is a weird bracket above the bumper at the tailgate which through some google searches tells me Ford put it on so the tailgate wouldn’t sway sideways when a person got on or off. It appears to be in the way. I put a led light at in my 2001 no problems. Some say you don’t even need this bracket however I did find a YouTube video where he left it on:

Any advice would be appreciated. There are clips and of course 3m tape.

Secondly what about the wiring ?


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