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I have a 2013 ford f150 platnum 118347 . Every time I drive it does this....some times it starts off normal but all of this ends up happening. The climate control unit will be set on auto and work fine for about 8 minutes then it shuts off. When the climate control is working I have full control(temp vents defrost fan speed). It will come back on for about 10 seconds or so and then turn right back off. Pressing on off doesn't make it come back on. There are times when it comes back on , it will change itself to defrost even though I haven't pressed any buttons. (I've already replaced blower motor resistor)

The navigation Starts off fine but at the same time as the climate control will say no gps signal.

The colling fan will go to max speed

I get a tpms system fault.

Then when I get out of the truck the power running boards don't work. Some times they will come out but not go back up.

I cannot lock or unlock the truck with the key.

Most of the time when I run in the store or something I go to the truck and all of the problems are still there.
I cannot pinpoint an exact time frame but if i let the truck sit for a while (over the weekend or sometimes over night) all of this goes back to normal and I can remote start, and all of my problems go away. Then few about 10-20 minutes of driving it starts again
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