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2014 FX4...Slowly making progress

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I figured it was time to get all my additions to the truck listed out and tracked. I have it all documented on a Detailing site, but obviously doesn't get a whole lot of views.

Current upgrade list
Raptor Wheels and 285/70/17 Ridge Grapplers (winters)
Raptor Running Boards
MX GrillCraft Upper and Lower Grills
OEM 2016 Sport 20" with OEM Hankook's (Summers) - SOLD
Expel film on front Bumper
Spray in Box liner
Morimoto XB Fogs
Removed lower air dam
Access "Vanish" tonneau cover
AVS in-channel visors
AVS bug deflector
AS 2" level
Hellwig sway bar
Pro-Comp AAL
Fox 2.0 Rear shocks
Rear wheel well liners
EZ Tail Gate assist
Pop a lock tail gate lock
LED bed lights
Recon 3rd Brake light
Recon Tail lights
Recon LED puddle lights
ANZO LED marker lights
Flat black FX4 Bed decals
Custom flat black "EcoBoost" decals
Painted F150 emblems
Painted FORD emblems
50% ceramic window tint on the from windows
42" LED Light bar - Removed for FR CAC
12v/5v Power outlet in box of the truck

Raptor Steering Wheel
WeatherTech Digital Fit Mats
3M protective film on the door sills
Kicker Subgate upgraded sub
DRW-650 2-channel dash cam
Back seat access mod
Custom Hydro dipped door panel inserts and stereo surround
Full LED interior light conversion
Custom overhead light switch panel

SCT Xcal4 Tuner with MPT tunes (87 perf/chill, 87 tow/street, 91 Perf/street, 91PRX, 93PRX)
Full Race FMIC in Black
Tial BOV
AFE Stage 2 CAI
3" MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust (added Magnaflow 6" round muffler)
GT Turbos
Ported Manifolds
SPD Turbo adapters

I started out with a new 2014 FX4 Screw luxury pack in Blue flame. 7200# GVW, 3:55's. Pretty much all options other than Max tow and Apperance pack. Built in November of 2014 and I bought it March of 2015.

Bought the truck from family that work at a dealer, great deal as I was able to get it for less than used. Downside is it was 600miles away. Thankfully, my Uncle delivered it for me.

I had them put 3M on the bumper and do a Spray in liner. They did a great job with both.
Window Sticker

Day I got it.

I already had a 2" AS level for it that I put in a couple of days later


The kit came with a 3" rear block, but I figured it would put too much rake back in for my taste.
on level ground, it measures perfectly level. I would have liked a bit of rake, but I address that later on...much later.
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Want some of my 71 degrees!!
well done sir..... very nice build...... progress for sure!!!!
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Traction bars are on, but they seem to have stiffened up the rear over the bumps. I’m going to reset the pre-load on them and see how it feels. They certainly do work though, I did a little 4wd launch and 2wd launch, spinning, but no wheel hop.

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Sounds nice, I have been contemplating bars for my truck. Do you think they help even with the 4wd launches?
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That coating is supposed to be powder coat and it isn't powder coat unless they used a EZ bank oven. Stuff falls off very quickly.

The only time I notice the ride different is like you said, over drastic bumps, like speed bumps.

I have had better luck with the replacement end links...although they made me pay for them.

Next truck I am going with that dude that sells the ones that just use the bolt on the front of the leaf spring. Not as effective but will do the job.

I an thinking about the VAS Specialties bars
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get n it done, I like it!!!
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Thank you @Arkansas Eco ; and @snakebitten ;!

I have to wait for some new sensors to come before I can mount them up, but I was able to get under the hood stuff moved along.

Eco Power Parts turbo inlet tubes and Full Race Intake done with the same color as the wheels. Put on some new Full Race dry filters at the same time.

Also did the tow hooks. But they aren’t on yet.

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I just want everyone on my beloved Coopers !
I'm a cooper fan, have them on my Jeep Crawler and used to run them on my 2015 3.5 f150...... You've got a friend in me!!!
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looking really good... love the gold and blue, the engine bay is great too!
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After a ton of back and forth and scouring for prices and sizes, I made an order. The big debate for me was finding a more aggressive All-Terrain in a 285 or 295/70/18 that wasn't crazy priced or out of stock. I decided to stick with a tire under 34" and go for the 285. Price was decent and almost $250 less than going with the 295's. I think the 295's would have been nice, however these 285's will be as tall as my 305 KO2's which is good enough.
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Great tire, read great reviews and by buddy has them on his Chevy,,,,,,, So far he loves them and they look great
I have run them before in a slightly smaller size and really liked them. I was hoping to try the Recon Grapplers, but could get them in a size I wanted.

I’m actually looking forward to trying them again after running other ATs to see if they still live up to the memory of them.

They were good in the snow, but not so good on the ice.

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For sure, and Sir, that is a awesome picture and back drop
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They are on and I’m pretty happy overall. Now we’ll see if they live up to my memory of them.
See post 2091 for the pictures.
Where the pics, the link no worky Lol
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I’ll try again. Tapatalk wasn’t playing nice.

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View attachment 185509
View attachment 185510

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Well, they look great!!!!
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Been through a couple of revisions with the new turbos and things are looking promising. These are WAY bigger than the stock Raptor Turbos from before.
Who is tuning?
Working with BK. He is letting me make changes with his guidance. Probably need to let him step in shortly.

I have also reached out to MPT for a tune, based on Goeff's recommendation. I'm hopeful that Mike has come a long way, as my last experience (like 5-6 years ago) wasn't great.

Nice, he has showed me a lot and taken the time to use teamvierer with me on a couple logs and configs..... pretty awesome
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That's gotta be frustrating...
^ X10 Good luck, anxious to hear the verdict
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Well, I give up lol. I can’t find my puller after wasting an hour looking, so I’ll just grab another one tomorrow and keep on going.

I did at least use some time today to put the summers on the Explorer and also put on the Thermal R&D mid pipes and exhaust on. It sounds really good. Very happy.

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Ok, I hear you now,,, Lol

I all most have the wife talked into a Explorer ST,,,, I just need to get her to a dealer to sit in one now,,,,, Little does she know the plan is an IC, Exhaust and E40 for it Lol
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Got things pretty far along last night. That front cover install is a little challenging, lol.

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So Close.............
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It was only about 4 hours all in, so not really a full detail.

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She pretty!!!
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