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In stock and sale and ready to ship for anyone in the market for some liners.

2015-2020 F150 Husky Rear Wheel Well Guards (Pair) 79121
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  • Covers the gaps in your F150's rear wheel wells
  • Adds a clean look and prevents grime build-up
  • Pliable, yet strong construction
  • Easy, drop-in installation
  • Husky Lifetime Guarantee
Keep Grime and Mud from Collecting in Your Wheel Wells
The rear wheel well of your F150 is one of the toughest places on your truck to get clean, especially if you're into frequent trips through the mud. While we still don't have any special tips or tricks for getting rid of all the gunk that gets trapped in there, we do have a way to keep mud, road salt, grime, and gunk from getting up in there in the first place with a little help from our friends over at Husky Liners. This kit from Husky Liners features a pair of rear wheel well liners that help keep all the crud that usually collects up in the well and inner bed completely out of your truck. These Rear Wheel Well Guards feature an OE-style look that almost looks like there's no guard there at all to keep a clean exterior look while keeping out the muck and grime. High-Strength, Impact-Resistant Plastic Construction
Like all of Husky's other products, these wheel well guards are built extremely tough and for a perfect fit onto your new 2015-2020 F150. Each liner is made out of a high-quality, high-density polyethylene that's resistant to impacts, road salt, moisture, and any other debris that your wheels kick up. These liners help keep your F150's frame, bed rails, leaf springs, and other suspension components protected from corrosion and contamination to keep your F150 running along at its best. Installation is extremely simple and the guards come backed by a Husky Lifetime Guarantee.
Fitment: 2015-2020 Ford F150 - All Cab and Bed Configurations.

Drilling: these wheel liners may require drilling on some bed sizes and submodels for proper fitment.
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