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Hi all, had a rear passenger tail light break on me, and found a set locally that was blacked out and clear coated by Abra, looks pretty cool. That said, I want to get some better bulbs to go in there that will better shine through the now smoked lenses.

I have been through the ringer with different headlight configurations up front, and all of that screwing around has led me to the conclusion that I do NOT want resistors anywhere near the lights I'm installing. Just don't want something getting that hot anywhere if I can avoid it...

That said, has anyone upgraded their tail light bulbs to LED recently and found a brand that didn't hyper flash the lights or just not work due to low loading? I've found some old threads out there that weren't very helpful, or links no longer work. Also don't want to spend like $80 dollars on just simple little amber tail lights like from Diode Dynamics.

Thanks for your suggestions!
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