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Can anyone with a Platinum edition please try something? I am having an issue where my dashboard flickers when in 4A and my lane departure system is active. (Ford could not figure out that these were correlated, but I did. However, I do not know why this occurs.)

Even if you dont have a Platinum, but you have 4A and lane detection you can try as well. :D

If you are willing to try it please do the following:
Set your dashboard to view the off-road status
Put your truck in 4-wheel automatic (4A)
Ensure lane departure system is on.

If your dashboard flickers please try this next:
Same steps as above, but turn off your lane departure. (flickering should cease)

Thank you very much if you do this! I am attempting to see if this is a widespread issue or it is just my truck. Cant wait to hear some feedback.
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