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In stock in black or silver and currently on sale through the 29th for Black Friday!

2017-2020 Raptor 3.5L EcoBoost COBB Tuning High-Mount Intercooler Kit (Silver Finish) 7F2500-SL
2017-2020 Raptor 3.5L EcoBoost COBB Tuning High-Mount Intercooler Kit (Black Finish) 7F2500-BK

  • Improves power and adds clearance for winch bumpers
  • All-aluminum construction with high-mount design
  • Sleek, black finish
  • Installs with only minor trimming
  • Includes Adaptive Cruise bracket
  • Requires tuning
Adds Horsepower and Torque Higher in the Rev Range and Provides Room for Winch Bumpers
Whether you want to mount a winch or just want more power and torque from your powerful 2017-2019 Raptor, the factory intercooler can seriously get in your way. The stock intercooler's bog-standard construction and lower bumper mounting position don't make it very effective for IATs or for getting an off-road bumper with a winch onto your off-road ready Raptor. COBB's 2017-2019 Raptor High-Mount Front Intercooler fixes both problems with a high-performance design that's larger and more efficient than stock and mounts in the upper grille so that you get maximum airflow and room to mount up awesome winch bumpers. COBB's intercooler provides a drastic drop in IATs while improving airflow volume and velocity into your Raptor's EcoBoost V6, giving your truck more peak power and better power-holding higher into the rev range. COBB's Raptor intercooler installs with only minor amounts of trimming and retains the factory cruise control bracket.All-Aluminum Intercooler with High-Mount Design and Large Bar-Plate Core
COBB's 2017-2019 Raptor Intercooler was designed from the ground up to give your Raptor a nice bump in power and torque while offering a great fit on your Raptor. Each intercooler features an all-aluminum construction and features a bar-plate intercooler core that maximizes cooling to provide a big drop in IATs. COBB's intercooler features a significantly larger core than stock that measures 24" wide x 14" tall x 3.5" thick, and the high-mount design of the intercooler kit puts more of the core in front of in-bound airflow, delivering more cooling capability than lower-bumper mount designs. COBB also uses aluminum end tanks with a specialized design that helps promote better airflow than charge air cooling than the stock intercooler with its plastic intakes. The intercooler was specifically designed to maintain the location and function of the Adaptive Cruise module and does not require different hardware. This version of COBB's intercooler features a black finish. COBB's intercooler comes with all its necessary hardware and instructions. This intercooler requires tuning with a COBB OTS tune and Accessport or custom tuning from a qualified custom tuner.

Fitment: 2017-2020 Raptor 3.5L HO EcoBoost.
Requires tuning: According to COBB, this intercooler requires tuning for proper operation from either a COBB OTS tunes from a compatible Accessport or a custom tuner.
Emissions: 50 State Legal. This part is legal for sale and use on Emissions Controlled Vehicles in all 50 states when used in accordance with the manufacturer's application guide because it has a California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (EO) number: D-660-19
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