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We (and by we, I mean John) installed a set of AlphaRex Nova Series Headlights for 2018-2020 F150s onto his very own 2019 F150 King of the Desert Project Truck. Unfortunately, we don't have an install video because our Johnny Boy is extremely anal-retentive about anyone touching the wiring on his trucks. NONETHELESS, we do have a review video that looks at the headlights' features and outputs up on our YouTube channel.

Personally, while I do like some of the functional aspects of the headlights, I'm not a huge fan of the chrome projectors inset on the black housing, but it is hard to argue with the output they help produce, so they kind of are what they are. Price is also an issue, especially with the Halogen Pro Series a set of H7 LED conversion kits away from likely having close to the same output. Granted, since the Nova Series uses built-in LEDs, they're DOT legal, while a combination of halogen-designed headlights with a conversion kit may cause you an issue with your local constabulary.

Anyway, TL;DR: they're pretty cool, but I would personally rather go with the Pro Series and LED kit (though we haven't confirmed any fitments on them yet).

Direct link to video.
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