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Hi All,
Has anyone had any major issues after having the Cam Phaser replacement performed by Ford?
I have a 2018 F150 4x4 with the 3.5 Ecoboost, love this truck! (I have 87K miles on it)
With the exception of that annoying start up rattle, I’ve never had any issues with this truck, purred like a kitten, never had an engine light come on, nothing!
I live in CA, make regular trips to Az., last year two round trips to NC to move two of my kids out there, each time towing a different car, never any issues!
Jump to Nov last year (2021), receive my recall or whatever they called it, to reprogram my Cam Phaser, took it in to my local Ford dealer, 2 days later it was ready for pick up. Went in, walked with service advisor to have him start it up in case reprogram didn’t help issue. Sure enough, cold start up still rattles!
Since I have high miles, I didn’t want to go past the 90k point where i would have to pay 100% of repair. Service Advisor said he’d contact Ford to ok Cam Phaser repair. The next day he called me back and said Ford would cover their 33% (personally i think recall or whatever they call it should be covered by them 100%!!)
Anyway advisor said i might as well come pick up my truck since they had no replacement parts in stock and no idea when they would be in, they would contact me. So i picked it up.
Start up rattle seemed a little louder than i remembered, and after about 4 weeks of sporadic driving (driving my Jeep build in between) my engine light came on. At that point i parked it.
Finally in mid Jan 2022, i called Ford (since they never called me), ask Service Advisor if my parts were in, they transferred me to Parts who had no idea why Service transferred me, they sent me back to Service to leave a message. Of course, no one called me back. I finally had to go in face to face with them. I get the new guy, he needs my Vin # so parts can verify they have the right parts for my truck, i tell him, it’s there on top of my service invoice! They wil call me! LOL, 2 days later i call service manager, he checks and says he has parts, bring truck in next day and they’ll get right on it. A week later i get a call, cool, my truck is ready! LOL, New Service advisor says we’ll be starting you truck soon, we were waiting on parts! Anyway 4 days later, Friday Jan 28 my truck is finally ready, i pay my BS 66% ($1700) and my truck is back home!
all the next week, again sporatic driving since I’m working from home right now, but i notice a definite odd vibration/idle issue and at around 30 miles an hour that shudder feeling! Anyone who knows their truck, knows when there is something new happening! When at a stop light, i can feel the truck vibrate thru my seat and see it noticeably by how my window mounted phone is vibrating back and forth. Never had those issues before, so i was planning on taking it back to Ford, maybe it was because after initial Cam Phaser reprogram, Ford didn’t reprogram it back to it’s original settings like they were supposed to do when Reprogram didn’t work. But before i could bring it back, my engine light came on again! Again, never had a issue until Ford touched my truck!
So, yesterday dropped it off at the dealer, today i get a call! Service Advisor tells me i have no compression in #4 cylinder! What did they do to my truck!!!! They say I will need a new motor at a price of around $13K!!!!! He is going to talk to Ford to see if they will help in anyway!
I went for a perfect running truck with a little rattle to a truck that needs a new motor???
If Ford doesn’t help, does anyone know what my options are to get this resolved??
I had many issues with the PCM reprogram after the cam phaser recall best thing I did was went to motorcraftservice.com got my ASBUILT info and went on Forscan and made sure my PCM matched there was a few minor differences and after that I havent had a problem since
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