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In my never ending work travel, I was able to snag a blacked out Durango R/T with the Hemi this week in Los Angeles. I didn't get a picture of it, but it looked like this:

2019 Durango RT.PNG

I really like how these look. They always catch my eye on the road and except for maybe a set of wheels, I don't think I would change much.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a ton of seat time as I also had a coworker in town who drove a bit. The miles I did put on it were pretty pleasing. The chassis was very well sorted. It was firm and handled really well considering how big this thing is(5200 lbs for an R/T RWD), but was in no way harsh. I had an Explorer Sport in Washington State a year ago and was not as impressed in this regard. The Durango was just super planted and put the power down really well. Mid-corner bumps didnt bother it at all.

The engine/transmission were similar to the Ram 1500 classic I reviewed a few weeks ago in that they are both 5.7L hemi matched with the 8HP70. The durango is downrated to 360 hp so not quite as spunky as the 395hp Ram. Again, its a heavy truck so the 360hp didn't move it as quick as you might expect and that was the one downside for me. I did a lot of quick sprints dealing with the endless LA traffic. The transmission was great, just like the Ram, and always kept the engine in a good spot. Gas mileage sucked but was in a lot of stop and go/city driving so it might have been skewed. I think it could get low-mid 20's on open freeway at 65mph with the displacement-on-demand active.

I wish I had jumped it the back seats to see how the 2nd and 3rd row felt. It looked roomy and everything I have heard on-line is that its better than the Suburban/Tahoe.

Would be interesting to see how it compares to the 2020 Explorer ST. Also, I bet the SRT version of the Durango with an extra 115hp is a monster.
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