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I posted this on another forum, but thought I would share here too.

After pouring through a ton of info on the AFE intake and some pretty negative information about the company, I decided to go with the Airaid intake.
Finished installing a few days ago, and here are my initial impressions:
-Installation was easily 15-20 minutes. A good 5 minutes could have been shaved off if Airaid delivered the product without the plug installed on the replacement tube (was a pain in the ass to pull that thing out). Other than that, very easy installation and instructions were very well put together.
-As you'll see in the below videos, the difference for in cabin sound is very minimal with normal driving and the windows up. With the window down, anything more than 30-40mph is going to have too much wind noise for you to really hear the intake.
-Performance wise, I didn't see any appreciable change in how the truck performed...but it's way to early for me to make a judgement on that. I had forgotten to bring the phone with me so I don't have a true representation of the 0-60mph numbers, but I envision that it would be tough to see any difference.
-In the 0-30mph range, you'll certainly notice some turbo noise and will depend on the engine load but it is not that loud at all. The weather stripping and stock style box keep most of the sound in the engine bay. For the second video, I put about 500lbs of weight in the back and did some low speed partial throttle stints while going up an incline to increase the engine load. For the audio, I put the microphone in the engine compartment to show how loud it is there compared to being in the cabin on the first vid.

Overall, I'm pleased with how easy the install was and will hopefully report back later after I get a couple weeks of seeing how it performs.

VID 1: Installation and before/after driving sounds from in cabin.

VID 2: Airaid sounds with mic in engine compartment.

VID 3: Airaid sounds with mic in engine compartment with intake inserts removed.
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