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This is cross posted in my build thread but I thought for the purpose of public knowledge it would be beneficial to have a dedicated thread. This will allow people considering the system easier access when doing their research (hopefully they are doing research)!!

Before going into the details, I’ll start by answering the most important question: “After having purchased and installed the AWE exhaust system, would I buy it again?” The answer? YES!

From time of order through manufacturing lead time, it took about two and a half weeks to get delivered. It came in two separate boxes, the muffler system and the mid pipe (resonator delete). It was packaged with an adequate amount of padding, but one corner of the box was damaged during shipping. I’ll also add that living in Miami, the furthest possible shipping point, practically everything of this size and nature gets damaged during shipping, so I wouldn’t place the fault on AWE, but rather FedEx.

Now for some unboxing photos:











One unique aspect of the system is the serialized exhaust AND Midpipe. When installed, you can see the serial plate through the passenger wheel well, which is a cool touch! It adds a nice level of detail and that ‘hand-crafted’ feeling.
Continuing through the unboxing you’ll find a lollipop. I had watched some AWE manufacturing videos prior to the purchase so it was no surprise. Apparently, it’s been a thing with the company since they started in the business.

Looking at the craftsmanship, it is at least Average to above average when compared to the other three exhaust companies I have used on my 2014 F150. I won’t say their names but the overall quality here is better. As could be expected, there were a weld here or there that could’ve been improved. Totally normal for handcrafted seams through an entire kit.

Upon preparing for the install, I noticed the damaged muffler inlet. One thing I suggested to AWE is adding some additional padding to their ends for this piece. It is the biggest piece and likely to shift during transport. Not a huge deal, but I did have to beat it out with my crescent wrench to get it to fit.
I filed a claim with FedEx and called AWE yesterday. I initially contacted the person who shipped it from AWE. Once I got her on the line, I was informed she wasn’t the person who usually handles these type of customer issues, but she never hesitated to help. She took the FedEx claim number and apologized, as they would’ve shipped out another muffler had I contacted them first. I explained I had already removed my prior system and was essentially at the point of no return. I requested a shipping refund and partial refund for a damaged item. The pictures will show it’s not a huge concern, especially something you’ll be throwing a clamp around under the truck. I couldn’t get more than a few steps out on to the shop floor here at work before my phone was ringing again. Another customer service representative had already been provided the information and was reaching out to me. She informed me a credit was being issued (although I forgot to ask how much), and I’d see it within three business days. Man talk about customer service; these guys are on it! When speaking to both representatives, they took full responsibility of the issue. I must have been her type of guy because she also asked me for my shirt size.

Back to the install – it took me approximately 2 hours to install the kit. I could’ve had it done faster, but I chose to do the install at my storage unit, in the rain, and ran into a little fitment issue with my 6.5ft bed. AWE includes an extension pipe for the 8ft bed, but not for the 6.5 ft bed. If you have the 5.5ft bed, no extension is needed. I found out I needed to trim the extension for the 8ft bed to fit my 6.5ft bed. Luckily, some eyeballing and adjusting of the tail pipes, electrical tape to mark the pipe, and a charged Sawzall battery, I was able to cut it exactly where I wanted it. Bingo!

Now time to align and torque everything up!

AWE includes high quality clamps with the system. I opted for the black diamond cut tips which have a sexy finish on them (I’m a fiend for contrasting colors on my truck, so very glad they have this option!) After aligning the clamps, tips, pipes and torqueing, came time for the glory.
I fired this up for the first time and my heart soared. You always hear those videos that sound decent after being shot over 40 times and edited. As soon as the cylinders fired, and I heard that low end “growl”, I was thrilled. I only drove about three miles home, the entire way windows down enjoying the new exhaust note. It’s very similar to that of a mustang in the lower range. In the higher end, I’d say above the 3k RPM range, it does get a little raspy.

Overall, extremely happy with the set up, and have no intentions on changing anything now. I will upload some videos hopefully by the end of day tomorrow. It has settled down since the installation and sounds better that it is getting ‘broke in’ and carbon lined.

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Thanks for the write up. look forward to the videos!
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