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I replaced the factory unit on my 2010 NA F150, the only issue was that when I did so it caused a compass code to show up, did not throw a CEL just something that showed up in Forscan. Only because I replaced the factory rear view mirror with a unit that had a small monitor in it. Had I done it all over again I would have bought one that either interfaced with the factory system or one that had a compass. Did not realize I used my vehicle compass as much as I did until it was gone. It is the small things I tell you...

Anyway, on my 2015 the camera comes and goes. Some days it works, others it does not, some days it rolls, some days it says "camera unavailable contact dealer."

I have taken it all apart, checked connections and addressed the ground issue common to the 150. Then...

If I slam the tail gate shut, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Very frustrating.

I have considered replacing it with an aftermarket unit and seeing if it was possible to program the Sync system to accept an aftermarket camera, however I like the feautures the factory unit provices, like where as if you turn the wheel it shows the angle, etc.

Not having dug deep enough into it to find out for sure, it leaves me thinking that maybe, just maybe I can repair the factory unit. This mainly because as an electronic engineer, I have found that in most cases its simply a connection, not the part itself that is the issue....sigh.

I need a day off to dive into this I guess.

Anyway, sounds like you have had a previous owner remove the factory system and replace with a not so factory but looks factory emblem as they are a lot cheaper to buy than the factory...I believe it si like $37 bucks on the "zon."

Should not be hard to do a pin out or to purchase an "aftermarket factory replacement" camera and emblem, there are several companies that offer these...

Rambling. Coffee? Anyone? No...? Beer? yes....I knew I had a few fellows who would indulge with me.
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