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As I mentioned in my intro post I bought a used 2016 F-150 XL SuperCab long bed with the 3.5 Ecoboost V-6. It had 80K miles on it but I knew it’s service and maintenance history. It is in excellent shape inside and out. Drives great and as configured has a 2253 lbs. payload.

When I buy a used truck or motorcycle I go thru the basic maintenance items to make sure I know where everything stands.

Today I changed the plugs, engine oil and filter and had the transmission drained, flushed and fluid replaced. The engine air filter looked good and only has 10K miles on it so in may not change yet. Still need to replace the cabin air filter. No record of it ever being changed. No rear end noise so I’ll leave the differential alone till 100K.

The plugs were all still at .032, amazing at 80K. Must be why it idled well and started right up. Probably the biggest difference I noticed was in the transmission. Shifting is smooth at an easy pace and crisper at a sporting pace. It may idled smoother, but that was not an issue prior to plug change.

I don’t want to start any controversy, but I went with the SP-580’s ;) (Read an earlier thread on that subject.)

Plug pics....




Really happy with the truck.

The engine rocks!

Shocks and rear sway bar next for towing.

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