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I see this thread pop up constantly from new ecoboost owners wanting to know who is better. I can not take credit for the information it was done on torque news but holds true based on all the research I have done along with many others. Should give you a good insight on the different tuners.

5 Star
Known widely for their towing tunes. Performance is improved over stock. Most users feel that the way the truck behaves with this tune is the way it should have come from the factory. Known for driveability, not all out performance. They offer an optional powertrain warranty.

Unleashed Tuning
Unleashed tuning has a very responsive customer service. Torrie usually replies to you within an hour or less, even on the weekends. Initial tunes that are sent are mild. He prefers to ramp up performance while datalogging so he can see how your engine responds. This tuner focuses primarily on WOT tuning and daily driving is marginally affected. This tuner will make any adjustments to the tune that you request.

Leading Edge Tuning (LET)
This tuner alters the entire driving experience up to and including WOT. Daily drivability is vastly improved. Shift points seem to happen when they are naturally supposed to. WOT power is greatly improved. Erick also improves with revisions, but offers a more aggressive tune out of the box. This tuner will make any adjustments to the tune that you request
edit: LET is no longer a practicing tuning business.

More Power Tuning (MPT)
This tuner also alters the complete driving experience over stock. Depending on selection of options, there are many different ways they will set you up. I chose 93 performance/race. Tip in is slightly more aggressive than stock. Shift points are vastly improved. WOT power is greatly improved over stock. Shift strategy holds gears longer to keep the engine in the power curve. I also observed the knock system was calibrated to react much faster in order to add or retard timing. This tuner will make any adjustments to the tune that you request. Currently have the record 1/4 mile ecoboost f150,quickest Tremor and highest hp made from an F150 ecoboost 660whp/725wtq.

Southern Speed Inc (SSI)
Very aggressive tuning known for making extreme power and taking your truck to the ragged edge. Tip in is extremely aggressive. This tuner is only for the most vigilant and brave enthusiast. Reports of blown engines are plentiful. Not recommended, but cautioned to download at your own risk.

Which performance tune is the best safely.. Honestly Unleashed and MPT all have fast trucks. They have meth tunes and E30 tunes also available.
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