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I have a '12 Screw 4x4 ecoboost with 134,000 miles. Have ALWAYS had the service done at Ford.

The engine seems to run fine but randomly the gas pedal has hardly any effect on power or rpm from about 10-90% pedal. Below 10% it seems slower than normal but responds more than the 10-90% range. Above 90% throttle the engine will kick down and take off like normal...BUT...I can hear the turbos blowing off making a poof poof type of noise like they are relieving pressure. If I park, turn the ignition off and start the truck again it goes away until it randomly wants to do it again. It seems to happen over rough bumps or turns mostly. Any idea what this might be?

Other issues I have had. Rattle on startup...BUT...since the last oil change it has not done it which was 3000 miles ago. Ford said it needed a new timing chain, variable valve solenoids, etc... to the tune of $3300 BUT...it runs perfectly about 75% of the time. Which leads me to believe its probably not the chain or it would do this all the time.

I have seen videos suggesting to change the chain, tensioners, guides and phasers would fix the rattle on startup but I'm not so sure thats what I need to do. I purchased a valve cover gasket set and new variable valve solenoids hoping I could pop the covers off, see sludge on the VVT solenoids, change them, then look at the timing chain tensioner to see if it is popped out too far or not. Hopefully it isnt...and then that would fix it. Then I will sell it.

Im completely lost with this variable valve timing stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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