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So got my tuner from stage3 yesterday and spent most of last evening screwing with my computer to get it to talk to the tuner. Finally had success this morning and was ready to rock and roll.

This morning I loaded the SCT 87 canned tune onto my tuck and made off for my dad's house to go work on my truck (my apartment manager frowns on me working on cars in the lot there, plus my dad has got a nice, clean, cool garage to work in with plenty of tools).

The canned tune definitely was different but the truck drove kinda funky and would hesitate when I hit 4000 RPM. Although the shifting was greatly improved, the performance wasn't great. Also got a flashing check engine light for a while which went away on its own.

Got there and got to work. First I replaced my damaged grille with a new Lariat grille (see my thread about my damaged grille in the appearance forum).

Then added on my intercooler grille and got rid of the lower valance, looks much better!!!

After that swapped out my nasty air filter and also got rid of those lame, fan blade looking intake silencer deals that lead to the turbos.

Then got to work on swapping out my plugs. Old plugs looked good but were gaped at around .040". New plugs from stage3 were all perfectly gaped at .030" right out of the box, nice! Plugs were a breeze to install, and I got everything done in just short of two hours, this truck was surprisingly easy to work on.

Then I made some adjustments to tire size on the tuner to correct my speedo and reloaded it onto my truck. After driving it around for a few minutes it really started to drive a lot better! No more hesitation at 4000. Not sure if it was the plugs, or the battery reset from when I disconnected it to replace the plugs, or the new grilles that made the difference.:rolleyes: But wow this thing really drove great. Lots more power, better throttle response, greatly improved shifting. So glad I got a tuner!

Took it to an old paved airstrip that no one ever lands at and did some 0-60 launches, burnouts and drifts. Oh yeah, now that was fun!!!:cool: Didn't get any 0-60 times but I can assure you this thing is fast!!!

Now, just have to wait for my 5* tunes to get here.

Look for pics in my damaged grille thread tomorrow after I get her washed.

Up next, catch cans and a cold air intake. Anyone in Cali rockin a CAI on there ecoboost? I won't have to get it smoged for like 4 years but seems like a major PITA to go back to stock for an hour and then re-install.

Man do I love this friggin truck!!!
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