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What gains will I see? Thanks to the guys over at RaginRacing for doing a dyno comparison. I think on stock tunes and low boost the stock air intake setup is not a restriction but I think once your tuned and making 17-22psi you will see the gain from a CAI. Both graphs show gains from 4500rpm up. On the top graph you can see around 4600rpm 20whp/20wtq , 5000rpm 15whp/15wtq.. gains start at 4500rpm and carry to 5500rpm
and if you look at the lower graph from stock to afe at 3750rpm 30whp/40wtq ,4750rpm there is 30whp/30wtq gain. Even at 5500rpm its 15-20whp/15-20wtq

Which CAI is the best??? Depends who you ask!!

stock filter/stock tune
k&n panel/stock tune
afeII /stock tune
stock filter/93 canned tune
k&n panel/93 canned tune
afeII/93 canned tune
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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