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Close to pulling the trigger on e30

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Like the title states, oh so very close. I live in Iowa so (obviously) e85 is everywhere. My only real hesitations are economy and testing, this being my daily driver. Basically how much milage should I expect to be sacrificed to the corn gods when just driving it normally and should I be testing the e85 on every fill-up? I see you can get a gauge but it doesn't seem like most people do that.

Edit: finally came across the "Calling all e30 tunes" thread. I feel like this is a must read for anyone considering ethanol, a TON of good info in there. Hopefully this isn't a dumb question, would there be any harm in filling up 30 gals (I have 36 gal tank) and using a gauge to check the ethanol content, using the last 6 gallons to correct if necessary? I don't know why I am so against testing 馃槄
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Ethanol has 30 percent less energy then gasoline. So expect to 21 percent or so less efficient if your running E30 then running regular fuel.
Is it this simple? Just asking because I honestly do not know the answer.
Hp for hp to do the same job or same output. My math was a little skewed that someone already put out.
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