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I received a 12” Diode Dynamics light bar for a birthday present and am wondering if it’s possible to mount it behind the grill on my 2018 XLT Sport. Weather has been crap here and I don’t have a garage so there’s been no attempt to remove the grill assembly to take any measurements. Was hoping one of you knowledgeable folks would be able to provide guidance.

There looks to be a flat, horizontal piece of plastic that I could mount it on I’m just not sure of clearance between the grill and louvers. I’m not opposed to cutting a couple lower strakes in the grill but would prefer not too.

I’m open to other location suggestions but don’t want to drill/mount to a painted surface. I’m in Utah, so I have a front plate.

Attached are the mounting schematics for the light bar and another bracket the sell for it.



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